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Welcome to the U.S. Insurance Solutions Website!

****SPECIAL NOTICE – Read our Annual Federal and Individual States Market Update Here****

My name is Rob Tavis. I am the owner of U.S. Insurance Solutions. I want to welcome you to the website and thank you very much for visiting!

As your Personal Health Insurance Advisor, my primary goal is to make sure that you have the best possible health insurance coverage for your situation and needs.

These days health insurance is complicated...buying coverage on your own or from an agent who doesn't focus on health insurance can cost you time and money! At U.S. Insurance Solutions our full time focus is on health insurance! 

My primary focus is helping individuals, the self-employed, and small businesses create custom, comprehensive health plan alternatives to ACA/Obamacare plans. Specifically:

  • If you are looking for an individual/family health plan and make too much money to get a tax credit subsidy from the government, one of our NAHP alternative health plan solutions may be just what you need!
  • If you own (or work for) a small business with under 50 employees, one of our NAHP alternative group health plans could save you 20% (or more) compared to a fully insured, ACA/Obamacare group plan while maintaining or improving your plan benefits.  

However, I can also help with ACA/Obamacare plans for individuals who are eligible for a tax credit subsidy to help pay their premium and/or have significant health issues. Similarly for small businesses who don't have enough people for an alternative plan and/or have people with significant health issues in their group, I can help find the best fully insured ACA/Obamacare small group plan. 

Please take some time to go through the following steps. This will help us to help you get the best possible health insurance plan for your specific needs and budget:

 1. Educate yourself so you can make an informed decision about your health insurance and supplemental plan options:

Begin by going to US Health Plans to see which insurance companies are offering health insurance plans for both individuals/families and small businesses in your state.

In addition to learning about the different insurance companies, you will learn about the different types of health insurance plans. Both ACA/Obamacare plans and several non-ACA alternative health plan solutions for individuals/families and small businesses.  

 2. Run a Quote to Compare Some of Your Health Insurance Options:

Once you have all of the information from Step 1 above, you are ready to see the specific plans that are available to you. Click on the big box to the right with the U.S. flag background to access our health insurance quote page.  

On this page you can run sample quotes for individual/family ACA/Obamacare plans from the federal marketplace and various state health insurance exchanges. You can also run quotes for some of the companies that make up a part of our NAHP alternative health plan solutions

NOTE: Small group health plans require additional information that can't be provided in an online quote. You can take the first steps to getting a quote on the above quote page. Then, to discuss one of these plans for your business, please follow Step 3 to schedule a call to discuss your options. 

 3. Schedule a Call With Me:

Are you looking for an alternative health plan? Since our NAHP alternative health plans work differently and consist of multiple insurance plan components AND only some of the companies have online quoting systems, I encourage you to contact me before applying for ANY health plan. It is important for us to review your situation and needs and make sure that you know ALL of your options before you pick a health plan.  

Do you need an ACA/Obamacare plan and you are eligible for a tax credit subsidy? If you want to apply for a plan with a tax credit subsidy, the application process will take longer because you first have to apply for the tax credit subsidy from the federal government before applying for the health plan you want. Additionally, at this time not all plans in all states are set up to let you complete both steps through our online quote engine. Because of this I encourage you to contact me before you apply. I will go through both steps of the process with you by phone and make sure that you are getting the most accurate subsidy and that your health plan application is 100% complete and submitted to the insurance company.

Whatever your situation, the easiest and best way for us to connect for a phone call is to go to the link above that says CALL ME to schedule a consultation on my online calendar for a day and time that works best for you. I will call you at that time.

 4. Contact Me Anytime for ANY Reason:

If you run into any of the above situations and/or you have ANY other issues or questions along the way, I am here to help! So, please contact me at ANY time! In addition to scheduling a call on my online calendar, you can call or text me at the number in the top right corner of this website or send me an email to

Also, please know that regardless of what health plan you choose, I will be your Personal Health Insurance Advisor going forward. That means that if you ever have ANY issues or questions about your health insurance, you will contact me first. I will make sure your questions are answered and issues are resolved. That sure beats dealing with a random customer service person, who doesn't know you or your situation...don't you think?

Plus, every year during Open Enrollment (under current law) we will review your situation to see if it is in your best interest to make changes for the next year. I will shop the market for you and make sure you have the best overall plan for the money each and every year. Additionally, if you are on an ACA/Obamacare plan and outside of the Open Enrollment period you have a "Qualifying Life Event" that qualifies you for a "Special Enrollment Period," I will also work with you to find the best possible coverage. 

 5. While You Are Here:

I encourage you to check out our US Supplemental Coverage area to see the low cost additional coverage options that can enhance the value of any health plan. These different supplemental plans are included in the alternative plan packages that we build for you. If you are on an ACA/Obamacare plan, these plans can be added to enhance your overall coverage  for significantly less money than buying a higher "metal level" plan. 

There are also many FREE or very low cost resources, online tools and other services that can save you money on your healthcare needs no matter which health plan you have. Go over to our US Healthcare Resources page to discover how you can start saving money immediately. 

Finally, losing someone you love is AWFUL! I know...I have been through it first hand. I can also tell you first hand that Life Insurance put my daughter through college and allowed me to continue doing what I like to do. Make sure YOU have enough in case the unthinkable happens! We work with an outside agency that specializes in life insurance, so I can help you find the best type and amount of life insurance for your situation and needs. 

Again, thank you for visiting U.S. Insurance Solutions! I look forward to getting to know you and working together with you on your health insurance. 


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