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About Ascension Health Insurance

Ascension Personalized Care provides benefits built by Ascension. It is designed to deliver the coverage and benefits that matter most. With more than 100 years of experience delivering healthcare across the nation, we understand what matters in managing your health. We designed our health plans to be easy to understand and easy to use, so you can focus on your well-being. Ascension Personalized Care is committed to providing flexible, balanced coverage that’s affordable and works for your budget.

Ascension Personalized Care benefits are underwritten by US Health and Life Insurance Company. US Health and Life Insurance Company (USHL) provides insured and self-funded medical and prescription drug coverage, insured dental and life insurance benefits, and has been helping employers protect their most valuable asset– employees and their families– since 1996.

Ascension Individual ACA Plans State Availability

Ascension offers individual ACA health insurance plans in 3 states currently. In 2023 they will expand to Tennessee and Texas. On exchange plans are offered on the Federal Marketplace and the state exchanges in states with their own exchange.

States where Ascension Personalized Care plans are offered:

Indiana Kansas Michigan Tennessee NEW Texas NEW

NEW for plan year 2023.

Ascension Individual Plan Benefits

Here you will find downloadable Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) for Ascension in the states in where they offer coverage currently. Click on the state that you want, then click to download the appropriate form:
Ascension SBCs
For information on 2023 plans and availability please review this 2023 Plan Comparison

Ascension Provider Networks

To find out which network is available for the plans in your area, and view the providers, please visit the Ascension Provider Finder.

Ascension Prescription Coverage Information

Ascension’s prescription drug plan is automatically included with Ascension Personalized Care medical coverage. We have contracted with Cigna to provide pharmacy benefits to our members. Visit to view benefits, claim history, drug and pharmacy prices and manage home delivery orders.

Ascension Member Tools, Resources and Plan Highlights

Along with medical and prescription coverage, Ascension Personalized Care offers additional benefits at no cost to members. This includes spiritual care, which was recently approved by CMS as a supplemental benefit. Other APC no-cost benefits include:

  • 24/7 nurse line
  • TruHearing discounts
  • Active&Fit membership
  • Care management services
  • Online behavioral health

Ascension Individual and Family Plan Quotes

Ascension ACA plans are available on the Federal Marketplace and various state exchanges. To see if Ascension individual/family ACA health plans are available in your area and get a free quote, just go to our ACA Quotes page.


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