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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) That Post Prices Online

The following lists the ASCs around the country that I have found which post all-inclusive prices online for their services. While you will save money using any ASC over having the same surgery in a hospital, the following are the ASCs that offer the best prices in the country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t live close to one of these ASCs, then you should use their prices as a starting point of negotiation with the ASCs in your local area when you need surgery. If you cannot find an ASC in your area that will you a price that is close to what you can find here (plus the cost of travel), then I would strongly consider traveling to one of these ASCs. 

Individual ASC List by State:

NOTE: In addition to the resources in this section, there are resources under the General Shopping and Pricing Services section of the main Healthcare Resources and Shopping Services guide such as MDSave, Pricing Healthcare, HealthCost Pratter and others which provide locations and pricing for specific providers offering various surgical procedures.

The Free Market Medical Association also lists more providers, including additional surgery centers, direct primary care providers and more. Just go to their search tool.  Leave the search box blank and click “Search” to bring up all FMMA member providers.

In most cases, listed prices include fees for the facility, surgeon, and anesthesiologist and uncomplicated follow up care. Initial consultations will usually be applied to the cost of the surgery. If surgery is not performed, the initial consultation fee will be kept by the provider.


SurgCenter at Pima Crossing – (

Pricing Healthcare lists their cash pay price list.

Location: Phoenix , AZ


Ocean Surgery Center - (

Location: Torrance, CA

Avalon Surgery Center - (

Their website shows their cash pay price list for more than 100 procedures.

Location: Glendale, CA

Hoag Orthopedic Institute Surgery Center(

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Newport Beach CA 

Monterey (Calif.) Peninsula Surgery Centers (

Price List:

Location: Monterey, CA

Kinese – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, San Francisco CA

Outpatient Surgery Center of La Jolla CA – (

Outpatient Surgery Center of La Jolla is happy to work with cash paying patients. The center offers a variety of payment plan options.

Location: La Jolla, CA

Los Angeles Endoscopy Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Seaside Surgery Center ( - The ASC was designed and built exclusively for same-day joint replacements.

Seaside posted all-inclusive orthopedic surgery pricing on its website in December 2017.

Location: Naples, FL.

Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Clearwater, Florida - (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Tampa, FL.


Northwest ENT Surgery Center – (

Pricing Healthcare lists their cash pay price list

Location: Woodstock, GA

Atlanta ENT Institute Surgery Centers – (

Pricing Healthcare lists their cash pay price list

Location: Alpharetta, GA


Central Illinois Endoscopy Center - ( - Established in 2009, the endoscopy center offers a variety of services, such as colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Cash-pay options are available for patients without insurance, or others who prefer to pay directly.

Location: Peoria, IL

Prairie Spine & Pain Institute – ( - From consultation and diagnosis to chronic pain treatments to surgery, Prairie Spine & Pain does it all, served by the highest quality professionals and the most innovative technologies. Dr. Kube is renowned and sought after all over the world.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Peoria, IL


Affordable Hernia Surgery – (

Cash Pay Pricing: Other than travel costs and a $75 consultation fee, the cost for an Inguinal or Umbilical hernia repair is $2,100 all inclusive. The fee for bilateral hernia surgery is $3,700.

Location: Rockville, MD


Midwest Bone & Joint Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Moberly, MO

Stateline Surgery Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Joplin, MO


No Insurance Surgery – Las Vegas, NV (

New York:

Regency Healthcare – New York, NY (

North Carolina:

Forsyth Surgical Associates – ( -Forsyth Surgical offers a low cost, single flat fee model for many surgical procedures in office and endoscopy/colonoscopy.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Winston Salem NC


Surgery Center of Oklahoma – ( The Surgery Center of Oklahoma is the original and still a leader in providing fully transparent pricing on a wide range of surgical procedures.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

McBride Orthopedic Hospital – (

Pricing Healthcare lists their Cash Pay Price List

Location: Oklahoma City , OK


Northwest MRI – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Lebanon, OR


Surgery Center of Allentown – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Allentown, PA

South Carolina:

Synergy Spine and Surgery Center – ( – All-inclusive (bundled) price includes non-refundable initial consultation fee of $200.00 (applied to surgeon fee if the procedure is performed), surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees, and routine post-op followup.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Seneca, SC


QuikSurg – Chattanooga, TN (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Chattanooga, TN


Texas Free Market Surgery – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Austin, TX

Lonestar Surgery Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: West University Place (Houston), TX

NTTC Surgery Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Mesquite, Texas

Preston Surgery Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Frisco, TX

Southwest Orthopedic Surgery Center ( - The prices for the medical procedures listed below include the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee and the anesthesiologist’s fee. The $250 initial consultation fee will be applied to the total cost of the procedure should surgery be indicated. If surgery is not indicated, the $250 will be retained by the surgeon as payment for your doctor consultation.

Cash Pay Price List – The procedures available are listed on this page, but not the price. You will need to contact them to get actual price quotes.

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Binz Surgery Center – ( – They provide colonoscopy and gynecology procedures and general surgery.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Houston, TX


St. George Surgical Center (Utah) ( This is a physician-owned ASC that offers online procedure pricing for more than two dozen services. The prices include facility fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, standard implants and hardware and up to 23-hour overnight/extended stay for certain procedures.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: St. George, UT

Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Clinic – ( - Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Center, owned and operated by Randy Delcore, MD, has two operating rooms. The center performs various orthopedic procedures including ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy, carpal tunnel release, shoulder surgery, spinal laminotomy and microdiscectomy and more.  The center's cash pay program has been in place for years and cash pay agreements have been done for nearly every type of surgery the center offers.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Cedar City, UT

Coral Desert Surgery Center– ( - Coral Desert Surgery Center is a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center in St. George, Utah. Our center was developed by area physicians to provide their patients quality, patient-focused outpatient care. 

Cash Pay Price List

The prices listed include the Facility Fee, the Surgeons Fee, and the Anesthesiologist Fee. 

Location: St. George, UT


Monticello Community Surgery Center - (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Medarva Stony Point Surgery Center – ( - Medarva Stony Point Surgery Center displays online price estimates for ENT, eye, face, gastroenterology, orthopedic and pediatric procedures, along with others. Before accessing the out-of-pocket costs webpage, patients must check a box stating they have read and understood a pricing disclaimer.

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Richmond, VA

Washington State:

Pacific Surgical Center – (

Cash Pay Price List

Location: Longview, WA

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