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Health Insurance Information Allied National Small Group Health Insurance Plans

Allied National Small Group Health Insurance Plans

Allied National Small Group Level Funded Health Plans

Allied National is an administrative organization that works with major national insurance companies providing quality benefit plans for employers and individuals since 1970. 

Allied Level Funded, self-funded health plans provide the ultimate in flexibility allowing anyone to customize a benefit plan to fit their cost and benefit needs.

Allied National Small Group Level Funded Plans

Allied National’s level-funded plans called – Funding Advantage – are for employers with two or more employees with good health experience who feel they are paying too much premium for too little in benefits.

Availability of each plan varies by state. To see if Allied National Funding Advantage plans are available in your state, you can go to our US Health Plans page and click on the link for your state. An easier way is to go to the Allied National Product Availability map. Hover over your state to see if Funding Advantage plans are available. 

Allied National offers two primary Funding Advantage plan options: 

PPO Plans – Allied’s preferred provider organization PPO Plans offer ultimate flexibility with a wide variety of benefit options, allowing you to custom build a plan to fit the needs of your group. Employers can even design multiple benefit plans and allow employees to select the one they prefer. See below for more information on the PPO networks Allied works with nationwide. 

Freedom Plans – Allied offers two plan options – Freedom Traditional and Freedom Essentials. Both options provide traditional major medical coverage. Members are free to go to any provider for services because there is no network. Freedom Plans use Reference Based Pricing (RBP) to reimburse providers based on a multiple of Medicare reimbursement levels and members are protected from balance billing (see below). See below for more information on Allied and Reference Based Pricing. 

For more information on Allied National and their Funding Advantage plans, download their Funding Advantage Brochure. You can also watch this short Allied National Funding Advantage video

About Level Funded Health Plans

As noted on our NAHP Alternative Health Plan Solutions page, Level Funded plan premiums are typically (at least) 15-20% less than the same plan design on an ACA/Obamacare, fully insured group plan. Plus, in most years with average to below average usage of the plan, there is an opportunity to receive an additional refund at the end of each plan year.

In addition to typically starting with lower monthly premiums, a Level Funded health plan can save employers more money by paying the claims of their employees with their own money instead of insurance premiums.

With a Level Funded group health plan:

  • You pay one, level (fixed) monthly premium (Just like with a fully insured ACA/Obamacare plan). You never have to pay more than this fixed amount each month.
  • Your monthly payment is split into three “buckets” to cover: 
  1. Administrative costs of your plan
  2.   Stop-loss insurance and 
  3. Funding your Claims Account to pay for your employee’s claims that are below the limits of your Stop-loss insurance

In most cases there are two separate Stop-loss insurance policies built in to your Level Funded plan. They protect you:

  • If any one individual plan member has large claims during the year and
  • If the overall group claims exceed the total of your Claims Account for the year.

After all claims have been paid for the plan year (after a run-out period of a set number of months), you are eligible to get back some or all of the remaining dollars in your Claims Account. When you start your plan, you choose how much you want to get back from the unused funds in your Claims Account. You can choose to get a refund check or use the money to lower your costs for the next year.

Allied National Freedom Plans and Reference Based Pricing Information

Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a unique strategy that has been leveraged by large employers, to determine reimbursement rates to providers based on a multiple of Medicare.

Advantages of reference-based pricing are many and include:

  • Maximum cost-savings – Reference-based pricing uses fixed pricing across providers for healthcare services based on a multiple of Medicare, preventing provider pricing variances for the same services that can be as much as 500%, with no difference in quality.
  • True Provider Choice – Plan participants are eligible to receive care from any provider within the United States. There are no network restrictions.
  • Claim Advocacy – Allied provides negotiation services with providers on claim amounts above the reasonable fee (known as “balance billing“), striving to retain savings on behalf of the plan. Allied provides a Legal Support service for members who have been balance billed and are being pressured for payment. The only out-of-pocket expenses members pay are normal deductibles and coinsurance
  • Unique Approach for Small to Mid-Size Groups – Featuring all of the advantages of self-funded health plan designs, reference-based pricing also mitigates cost and encourages consumer knowledge of and participation in healthcare choices.     

Allied National Provider (PPO) Network Availability

Allied National works with multiple local and national Preferred Provider (PPO) networks to pair with their Funding Advantage plans.To see the available networks in your state, download their PPO Network Availability document.

Allied National Small Group Level Funded Plan Quotes

If you would like to get a group health insurance quote for your business, the first step is to download and complete our group census form here:  

US Insurance Solutions Group Census form.xls

Please email the completed form to:

 Schedule a Call With Me:

Once you have completed and emailed the completed census form, please go to the link above that says CALL ME to schedule a consultation on my online calendar to discuss your situation and needs so that we can come up with the BEST health plan for your company.

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